Treat our products with care

Our Phoenix Crystal water bottle is made of real glass and needs to be treated carefully. The double wall glass is for insulation to keep the wanted temperature, and not for extra protection.

Things to keep in mind

Do not overfill the gem-chamber and shut the lid with forces

During production we realized that the ceiling of the gem chamber was a delicate part of the bottle. In the end we enforced the glass by making it 3mm thicker. But even so, please be careful. Forcing the bottom lid shut will cause the wall between the two compartments to shatter.

Where to put the gemstones

Our "Phoenix" Crystal Tea infuser bottle is designed for the indirect method when charging the water. The gems are placed in the separate gem-chamber, and will charge the water trough the glass. The gemstones affect the water by subtle radiation. Just like sun rays, magnetic rays or microwaves and radiation waves pass trough glass wich makes it unnecesary for the gems to be in the water.

Instert the Crystals carefuly

Be minful when you insert the crystals. We recommend using the technique where you tilt the bottle and gently place in the gemstones one by one. Dropping the gemstones in the chamber keeping the bottle completely upside-down might break the glass.

Avoid large temperature changes

Do NOT- pour cold water into glass bottle when it's hot or vice versa. Going from hot to cold too quicly can cause the glass to break. Be sure that your glass bottle has cooled to room temperature after washing before you put in cold water and specially ice inside.

Make sure the seal is completely pushed down inside

The seal inside the lids should be pushed down with the "groovy" side inside the lid and the smooth side facing you. Make sure the seal, wish makes the lids leak proof, is completely pushed down inside the lid. If the seal isn't completely in place, it'll cause a very strong vacum. This will cause the lid to close too tight, making it hard to open, and might cause the bottle to break.

Do you experience a strong smell from the lids?

In that case you have received a defected item. the defect/smell can easily be removed by washing the seals in the dishwasher just once. If you don't have access to a dishwasher, please contact us directly, and we will help you out.