Who Are We

Spirit of Phoenix

A Holistic Approach to Life

Spirit of Phoenix aims to inspire a balanced life where the body, mind, and soul thrive together.

We believe everything is interconnected and invite you to embrace this holistic approach.

In our global community, we follow our beliefs and prioritize well-being. Each person's growth journey is both a responsibility and a privilege. As a company, we hold ourselves accountable for our actions. After all, kindness and respect shape our interactions. While perspectives differ, we value honesty and genuine intentions. Our core is respecting the planet and its inhabitants.

Meet Our Founder

The Driving Force Behind Spirit of Phoenix

Tess, the heart and soul of Spirit of Phoenix, discovered her life's purpose in the face of adversity—her breast cancer diagnosis. She and her husband redefined their dreams during her healing journey, envisioning something lasting, beautiful, and hopeful. Thus, Spirit of Phoenix was born, introducing the world to the "Phoenix" Crystal Water Bottle.

Tess's fascination with crystals and their positive impact on water inspired this creation. Their vision extended beyond functionality; they aimed to craft a luxurious, soulful gift for everyone, regardless of their knowledge of crystal water's benefits. Filled with warmth and hope, Tess believes in the power of turning thoughts into tangible creations, dreams into goals, and goals into reality. Explore how Tess's personal journey, resilience, and unwavering passion shape the Spirit of Phoenix and the significance of the "Phoenix Crystal Water Bottle."

Let us nurture the spirit, inspire the mind, and uplift the soul – living the Spirit of Phoenix.